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Wedding photography recently has changed the style to a more candid and journalistic approach. As seen on the cover of many magazines, the wedding photographers copy the styles. This will enhance the bride and groom's wedding albums with different type of glamour photos.

The photography will be a blend of posed (also known as formal pictures), more relaxed, less-posed pictures and the fashion type pictures. At times the brides will present our studio with samples they have seen in fashion or wedding magazines.

Years of wedding experience along with innate talent must be possessed by the photographers. Also, the Production Department plays a huge role in processing the images to produce a beautiful digital album into a wedding style that is in vogue.

To review, a combination of styles is important to have in the photographer's arsenal. He must have a sense of style--journalistic, candid and formal--in order to make wedding photography what it is today. Storytelling is another word to express the style today that wedding photographers want to achieve.

The importance of formal or posed pictures still plays a big part in the eyes of many brides and grooms. Many bridal couples say they prefer the candid, journalistic type photos, however, when it comes to designing their wedding album, the Production Department is amazed at how they frequently opt to put mostly classical, formal pictures, especially in their parent albums.

At Bob Rothman Photography and Video, located in Westchester (Hudson Valley area), New York exquisite samples of these photos can be seen hanging on the walls and in the sample albums. The Studio also services the following areas in addition to Westchester County, NY: New York City, N.Y. including the boroughs--Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, NYC; New Jersey, Connecticut, Rockland County, Putnam County, Fairfield, CT.

The pictures must portray the sentimental and romantic expression of the day. This should follow through from the getting ready pictures at home, to the ceremony, park and reception. At Bob Rothman Studio we encourage the couple to input their emotions and feelings into describing the style of photography they like so we can provide them with the style pictures they are looking for.

Bob Rothman Studio Also Services New York, Connecticut, Westchester County, NY, Rockland County, Putnam County and Hudson Valley.
Finding exactly what you want in your wedding photos is hard. On the other hand, you know what you don't want: unsmiling, rigidly-posed photos like those in the sepia-tinted frames of your parents. This narrows it down a little. What narrows it down even further? The desire for effortless-looking yet professional photos. Photos that depict your wedding for what it is: a very real, very joyous event of many faces, both figuratively and literally.

Now that you know exactly what you want out of your wedding photos, how do you find the perfect photographer? After scanning proofs online, feeling overwhelmed by the number of talented New York photographers in Westchester alone, how can you narrow it down to one? The most important factors of your decision should rely heavily on first your budget, and secondly, the professional's artistic style. Remember that wedding photography is an art. You want a photographer who treats it like one. Also, a lesser-know fact which is every bit as crucial includes that of your photographer's personality. You are spending not only one of the most memorable days of your life-- but all of this day--with this personal. Therefore, it is essential that your personalities mesh. The relationship you have with your photographer will impact both your pictures and your day alike.

Know the photography-related terms well before your New York Wedding begins:

Candid photos: the surefire shot to take in order to capture beyond the stereotypical, smiling, "moment" in time. Candid photos capture a "minute" in time, instead. Whether you hail from the core of New York City's Big Apple, by the cool lakeshores of the Hudson Valley, or from the residential nook of Westchester County, candid photos capture a world within worlds--your world--and should not be mistaken for snapshots. While snapshots focus on the face alone, candid photography is derived from a slew of photographic methods filtered through the lens of the wedding photographer!

Not only does candid photography provide a refreshing alternative to the shots of a bride and groom stiffly posed as the figurines atop the wedding cake--your New York photographer will also filter through the moments of your wedding and find an artistic gem: the awed ring bearer with his eyes posed heavenward, the bride's mother face with tears gleaming, the groom dipping the bride in an arch during the reception.

Formal photos are the more traditional, posed pictures. If you want to "capture the moment," as the saying goes, in its traditional sense, then this type of photography is for you. Whether you want to pose the bride amid the bridesmaids on your front lawn in Westchester before the wedding, or pose them on the steps of your New York City apartment!


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