Kim Hee Sun Publishes Wedding Dress - Photographer Wedding

South Korean actress Kim Hee-sun, who is to get married on Oct. 19, displayed her wedding dress photos on her blog Oct. 12.

Dubbed "the most beautiful Korean woman" by her fans, Kim, 35, announced in late July that she had decided to tie the knot with her then boyfriend, a well-off Korean entrepreneur.

Kim Hyo Jin (김효진)’ Wedding Dress Photoshoot
Kim Hyo Jin Wedding dress photoshoot. Kim Hyo Jin is a popular korean actress. Happiness (I am Happy) is one of the popular TV drama series aired in 2008 with high ratings in Seoul and elsewhere. It has gained 5 stars on online voting by popular video link sites like Mysoju and Dramacrazy.

Wedding dress trend 2009

Here is a small selection of beautiful wedding dresses that could inspire your wedding in 2009!
These are beautiful wedding dresses often tailor-made for a successful marriage indeed!

Here is a wedding dress black and white absolutely sublime, with generous neckline made in white silk.The black lace and lacing false front to play on the contrast:

Another magical wedding dress white and red, carried out in toile de Jouy.
False lacing on the front decorates all, when the lacing back, it goes unnoticed because the eyes are hidden:


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