Yoon Ji Min [윤지민], Beautiful Korean Fashion - Photoshoot

Fashion trends for 2010 to be on display at GOLF EUROPE
  • Golfing has always been partially about fashion and increasingly so. Although golf etiquette is still enforced and many clubs continue to maintain a dress code, as golfing has become more popular and accessible, the degree of formality has decreased. It is a trend that several golf apparel brands have latched onto and continue to develop for the 2010 season.

    Classic and Extravagant
    Diamonds, pinstripes, and polo shirts – those who prefer simple elegance on the golf course, will have plenty to work with during the 2010 season. Brands such as Oscar Jacobson cover the classic sector and the traditional Swedish label distinguishes itself in particular through its very high quality pants range, popular not only amongst golfers - apparently members of the Swedish monarchy also love the apparel designed by the royal merchant.

    Polo shirts and knit pullovers with argyle patterns in gray and blue shades as well as classic stripe and diamond patterns keep men in fashion on the course. In 2010 Oscar Jacobson will be the official supplier for the Ryder Cup in Celtic Manor, Wales, with its ”Ultimate Golf Trousers“ made of polyester stretch and cotton, its Coolmax pants with technical material elements, as well as a number of other golf pants, shirts, and jackets. German dealer wb compagnie will represent the brand at GOLF EUROPE 2009.

    Labels such as MDC Sportswear or Golfino diffuse the classic picture with new patterns and color, especially for women. For the 2010 season MDC Sportswear was inspired by the colors of India and the tropics and today’s lady golfers are dressed for their golf safari in metallic tone materials or white and yellow leopard prints. Golfino offers no less than seven different collections for the fashion-conscious lady golfer. Many of the pieces are as suitable for play on the green as they are for enjoying a drink at the bar after the game. Marine blue, lipstick pink, and fire set strong color accents; gold details, rhinestone accents, and paisley prints create a bridge between golf wear and art.

    Even friends of more casual styles will find their look for the 2010 season – without breaking every single dress code. Self-styled “bad boy” among apparel brands Fore!titute uses an elongated collar on his turtleneck-styled shirts to create quasi-polo-shirts. Eye-catching prints with slogans such as ”Fairway to hell“ or “Wanna go clubbing?“ are applied to the back.

    Less conspicuous yet no less colorful are the polo shirts and gloves by Huttinger Golf in the colors of the national state flag. Especially striking are the golf gloves with white-blue diamonds and the Bavarian lion crest, which will certainly make local patriots’ hearts beat faster.

    Function and Technology
    Design and style alone don’t win rounds of golf. The heat and rain demand more from the apparel than just looks, consequently, many labels have reacted to the demands of their customers and are now offering standard cotton polo shirts as well as those made of technical, body temperature regulating materials such as Coolmax.


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