Yoon Eun Hye [윤은혜]Model and Singer, Fashion Photoshoots

Fashion trends for 2010 to be on display at GOLF EUROPE
Temperatures on fairways and greens in autumn and winter can drop to uncomfortable levels, and cold musculature is more receptive to injuries. HV Corporate created the solution with a heated vest: featuring three batteries in the chest and kidney area, ensuring that the golfer stays comfortably warm all the way to the 18th hole. The batteries are fully charged in two to three hours and provide up to 10 hours of warmth depending on the version and heat level. The thin softshell vest can be worn below or above pullovers and jackets, and will not impede a golfer’s range of motion thanks to its weight of only about 200 grams.

“Count on it” – true to its motto the Swedish brand Abacus develops golf apparel that keeps golfers cozy even on cold days. Strong colors and simple patterns dominate the new collection and any indication of their function remains inconspicuous. In addition to well-known materials such as Coolmax and Nanotex the company now also uses bamboo charcoal and S.Café fabric. The synthetic fibers created from bamboo and coffee promise improved moisture wicking from the skin and keep the wearer dry and warm. Add to this natural UV protection and antibacterial characteristics that fight against odors.

wb compagnie present the latest innovation from their partner HI-TEC. For the first time the British company applies its proven ION-MASK Technology (well-known to golfers through footwear) to their golf gloves. Leather and micro fiber material used in the gloves is flooded with ions in a special vacuum chamber, which alters the surface structure of the materials. This treatment considerably reduces water absorption, yet ensures good breathability. The gloves guarantee good, dry grip in any condition and ensure accurate drives even in the rain if hands are wet.

Nike focuses on wind and weather with its new Storm Fit Light Collection, encompassing technical outerwear with woven stretch materials. The woven technical fibers provide jackets and pants with a special, cotton-like texture, are highly elastic and guarantee unimpeded mobility. Additional benefits of the collection, attractive not only for golf pros, include the 3-year warranty on water resistance of the seams and the low weight of the garments.


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