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Tony Leung Ka Fai

Tony Leung Ka Fai

Tony Leung Ka Fai

From the humble beginnings of the line in 1988 in a single, independent operation – Ted Baker has grown into an internationally recognized icon of style, progressive and creative fashion, and most of all, fun!

The Ted Baker line has long been considered one of the most inventive and bold lines of men's fashion since its inception, relying more on word-of-mouth advertising and a recognition that the memorable trademarks of the design spoke for themselves. Today, Ted Baker product is found in nearly all independent menswear stores of quality, even in many higher echelon department stores – making it even more accessible to the discerning consumer!

Dress Shirts

Ted Baker has an advantage in that as a designer line, most of the shirts produced are of extremely high quality, well-fitted and tapered more aggressively than traditional dress shirts. In the newest collection, Ted Baker offers a variety of patterned shirts ranging in variety from checked, zig-zagged, broadly striped, or flashy coloured solids.

Of particular note in the current catalogue is the “Binx” style – offered in a rakish pink or in a more traditional white. This finely constructed shirt is complimented by a sateen finish for greater lustre, cut-away (wide-spead) collar – and offers french-cuffs to completely the formal look, classy yet sassy. Honourable mention must go to the “Macie” for versatile and clean summer styling, and the floral-printed “Humed” for sheer audacity and intriguing colours.


The Ted Baker necktie is typically extremely colourful, in vibrant and extremely attractive hues that do not demure to any other competitors. The designs are often extremely random and/or erratic, following a pattern that is hardly pre-established and shows a polished and artistic flair. The frenetic energy that is displayed in the majority of Ted Baker's neckwear is a signature characteristic – the line has always been funky, fun, and modern. Of particular note in the current catalogue would be the styles “Banker”, “Strungo”, and finally “Kensing” – a brightly striped crimson and pink tie that would certainly complement the “Binx” as a solid and bold pairing.


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