Model Girl In Queen Race - Bang Eun Young Fashion Photoshoot

Bunny ears fashion trend: the little trend that could

If there's anything that can win my heart quicker than a hot chocolate on a Winter's night, its an accessory inspired by a cute furry animal. So when Louis Vuitton sent their interpretation of bunny ear headbands down the runway, I was captivated. Unsurprisingly, the humble headband is in comeback mode for 2009 and 2010; but don't go reaching for your girl-next-door Alice band just yet. This is a specific micro-trend that marries the sexiness of a vintage playboy bunny with the elegance of high fashion. Read on for more on the trend and how to wear it.

Louis Vuitton, as mentioned above, have garnered plenty of attention with their take. But before Marc Jacobs got rabbity for LV, Maison Michel had lace bunny and cat ear headbands in his Fall 2009 collection. There were also bow hats on Moschino Cheap & Chic's Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2009 runway that were reminiscent of Mickey-Mouse ears.


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