Model Girl Bang Eun Young at Nikon Digital Live Photoshoot 2009

Bleached eyebrows: blonde eyebrows fashion trend

Written on 18.11.09 in Make-up by Tania Braukamper

It's easy to forget that eyebrows have trend cycles of their own; albeit cycles that move much more slowly than other beauty, hair and fashion trends.

While the full and natural, yet still maintained, style of brows have been on-trend for quite some time, the 'in fashion' shape certainly hasn't trended towards pencil thin eyebrows. And that's not about to change. A natural style and shape remains the style to have.

What's changing is the colour. Look hard and you'll see that bleached blonde eyebrows are currently a beauty trend. While no one should go to the extreme of shaving them off and having no eyebrows at all, those bleached to be peroxide blonde are now amongst the growing list of 2010 fashion trends.


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