Jessica Simpson Gentle On Vanity Fair - Fashion New

Personal style is all about mixing and matching. The basics can always be from Wet Seal or American Apparel, as well as H&M or Urban Outfitters, all of which also offer more interesting less basic items. Buying in one of these, all personal faves, carries the risk of looking like everyone else, unless you know how to work them, by mixing them with unique one-ofs made by young designers or yourselves, or with vintage items, whether from high end vintage boutiques or your local thrift shop. These are examples of some Sense of Fashion folk working it fabulously, using an H&M item in their outfit.

From left to right: MaritaBliss – H&M top, Nellysdelhi – H&M Swimsuit worn as top, VintageSoul – H&M H&M Divided hat, cardigan and tights


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