Hwang Bo Poses in Wedding Dresses

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Hwang Bo Poses in Wedding Dresses

Hwang Bo looks stunning in wedding gowns. She looks incredible in this photo shoot titled “Exquisite Allure.” Looks like the We Got Married feel is back. Hwang Bo is set to release a new album again and make her comeback along with other “older” singers such as Chae Yeon, Lee Jung Hyun and Park Ji Yoon.

While We Got Married is currently still teetering on the edge of near failure, WGM alumni Alex was quoted as saying that he hasn’t been hit on by women since the show. But instead, his famous foot-washing scene for Shin Ae has gotten him a lot of demands from women he meets for the first time. He said on a talk show that he’s completely shocked how women are so upfront with him about washing their feet. Anyways, enjoy the photos of Hwang Bo below.


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