Chinatsu Wakatsuki - The Four Major Trends In Bikini Fashion In 2009

Chinatsu Wakatsuki

Chinatsu Wakatsuki

Chinatsu Wakatsuki

Chinatsu Wakatsuki

Rihanna Causes Ruckus With Last-Minute Shopping Spree

Rihanna might not be an early Christmas shopper, but she made up for it with gusto with a whirlwind last-minute shopping spree at Los Angeles' Grove Tuesday afternoon, PopEater reports exclusively.

The whole affair caused an intense security buzz in Nordstrom's when the heavily under cover Rihanna and a male friend worked their way through the men's department.

"Rihanna did her best to keep it under wraps. She had a hood over her hair, which was blonde, and big sun glasses on," says one shopper. "But there was no mistaking it was her."

"They started off in the sneakers department and made their way over to the clothing after picking up a pair," says one shopper. "People were rifling through Joe's Jeans and almost dropping them when they looked up to see who they were shopping with. Needless to say a lot of people suddenly needed Joe's Jeans at that moment."

Outside the store, mall security guards literally sprinted to Nordstrom's to get on the scene, while plain-clothed security guards looked on inside the store. A relaxed Rihanna picked her way through a number of men's shirts, jeans and accessories. "She was like, I'll have one of these, and one of these. She might be hard up for time before Christmas, but she was chilled out and in a great mood. And she's a woman who knows what she wants."

Rihanna and her male pal even yucked it up while checking Rihanna's items out. "They pulled up chairs and you would have thought they were at a bar chatting," says the shopper. "He had a big grin on his face and she was constantly giggling."

Her other shopping scene was not as relaxed. Nike store officials had to close the store down when Rihanna entered and uniformed guards kept shoppers from entering the store. A crowd of 100 shoppers waited in the hope of a Rihanna appearance post-Nike shopping. It was not to be, she and her pal snuck out the back door.


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