Actress and Model Alexa Chung Photos

Alexa Chung, who made her name in the entertainment industry through her jobs as a television host/presenter, actress and model, is originally from Privett, Hampshire where she was born to an English mother and Chinese father.

Her first step into the world of television came in 2003 when she landed the role of Jake on the Fashion TV reality series "Shoot Me!" (2003). Since then Alexa Chung has made a name for herself as a likeable television announcer on programs such as "Popworld" (2006), "Get a Grip" (2007), "8 out of 10 Cats" (2007), "Big Brother's Little Brother" (2007), "Freshly Squeezed" (2007), "Vanity Lair" (2008)", "T4 on the Beach 2008", "Gok's Fashion Fix" (2008), and most recently, "The Wall" (2008). She is also complimented frequently on her fashion sense.

"Popworld", a weekly morning show she co-hosted with MTV's Alex Zane on the UK's Channel 4 network, proved a major launching pad for Alexa, gaving her an opportunity to to showcase her witty banter and sassy pop culture commentary. (The show was canceled in July of 2007.) Along with the "Popworld" series, Alexa Chung presented a radio-version of the program (also with Alex Zane) that received a Bronze Music prize from Sony Radio Academy Awards. Before her big break into theworld of television , Alexan Chung obtained work as a model in a variety of fashion magazines such as Elle Girl and CosmoGIRL! and appeared in a slew of commercial advertisements for products such as Fanta, Sony, Sunsilk and Tampax. Additionally, she was cast in music videos for famous artists including The Streets, Westlife, Delta Goodrem, Reuben and Holly Valance.


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