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Nina Ricci New Spring Summer 2010, Celemode Trendy Fashion

UTTERLY idealistic and womanly is the world Peter Copping has shaped for the Nina Ricci woman this season. I like wearable clothes. I’m not essentially into being too avant-garde,” the designer, who connected the label back in April subsequent Olivier Peter Copping previously chief assistant to Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton has arrived at Nina Ricci making a concentrated effort to refocus the brand on the frilly femininity they once stood for, and he did so wonderfully in every feature of the Spring/Summer 2010.

The handbags were prepared from a variety of materials, from silk to sequins, but all had a distinctively feminine look. There was not even a hint of studs, fringe, or any other element that would fall into a stylish category. I think the collection is stunning and one of my favorites for the period so far in celemode gallery…


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