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  • Leighton Meester’s Sequined Dress For MTV VMAs 2009

I’m sooo getting my gossip fix with this! Leighton Meester’s sequined mini dress for the 2009 edition of MTV’s Video Music Awards had me all neutral. Then I lowered my eyes and saw the..ummm..shoes?

Leighton Meester makeup MTV VMA 2009

I’m not afraid to admit I like some freaky outfit combos from time to time, but Leighton is a Fashion Disaster Regular! Taking chances with a dress and pairing it with bold shoes is a fashion statement. What Leighton Meester showed us on MTV’s VMAs Red Carpet was a fashion misstep. (the story continues after the jump with more images)

I know some will see it as a major style statement, I see it as a Captain Molecule appearance. The futuristic sequined mini dress by Christian Cota could have ended happily with another pair of shoes. The white Zanotti pair worn by Leighton have a strange effect on me. Something I could only compare with scratching nails on (old school fashion) chalkboards. (and where that heavy eye makeup fits in?)

What shoes would you have matched with that Christian Cota mini dress worn by Leighton Meester for MTV’s 2009 VMAs? (photos via)


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