Fashion in Dark Blue Evening Dress - Studio Photoshoot

Wedding Fashion 2010: Dresses from Fabio Gritti and Elie Saab

It goes without saying that wedding fashion is an industry in itself inside the mighty competitive fashion industry. Not to waste any words, would like to present designer wedding dresses that caught our eye among wedding styles 2010. Elie Saab is a well known Lebanese designer honored by many fashion weeks with a variety of wealthy celebrity clients.

Fabio Gritti is based in Italy concentrating attention on predominantly luxurious wedding dresses that are so worth checking out! The latest sensational wedding dress Marylin Monroe (not the actress but the actual design) is a complex and splendid combination of drapes, organza and embroidered laces constructed after a famous dress of the Hollywood star (there were so many famous outfits of hers!). But it’s not just one dress, the whole 2009/2010 catalog is fabulous with a bunch of wedding designs screaming “individuality”. As far as Elie Saab, their wedding fashions are all about classic style, much simpler but just as outstanding.


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