Ahn Ri Na [안리나] Korean Race Queen - Photoshoot





Ahn Sun Young [안선영], Korean Actress - Photoshoot





Fashion breathes new life into Ankara fabrics
  • Ankara is a fabric that was normally reserved for cultural festivities. People felt that this fabric was too flowery, and too colorful.
  • Formerly referred as Dutch; this fabric acquired its current name ‘Ankara’ when the Turks made a cheaper version of the fabric. Without a glamorous look, the fabric was regarded indigenous.
  • This traditional African fabric has infiltrated the fashion world as well. Blended with other matching fabrics and with a good design, ankara fabrics are the fancy of many people. The appeal of the finished product depends on the creativity, and skills of the designer
  • Ankara posses the capabilities of being able to dye faster and does not get stained much. Due to its virtues, this fabric was considered as a competitor of the Western ‘adire’ cloth.
  • As Nigeria is a fashion savvy part of Africa, it has taken the fabric, improved them, and has represented it to the world. Nigeria being a big market, offers vast potential for the manufacture and sales of ankara.

VALLEYDEZ –Fashion Theatre (Valley of Designers) opens in Wafi

Following close on the heels of Dubai Fashion Week held recently in October ‘09, Dubai’s fashion credentials have been given a further boost with the opening of VALLEYDEZ -the ‘Valley of Designers’, a boutique where fashion merges with theatrical store ambience to make shopping an artful experience.

With its first store in Wafi Shopping Mall, Valleydez will showcase a handpicked selection of unique creations from leading and emerging international designers, imported directly from the catwalks of the fashion capitals of the world- Milan, Paris, London, New York and Tokyo. Women visiting the store will also find an eclectic range of fashion accessories like jewelery, clutch bags, footwear, eyewear and hair ornaments in addition to luxurious spa products.

Richa Jain, Business Manager, Valleydez says, “Valleydez was born out of the fact that there is a niche for a fashion concept in the Middle East where handpicked designer collections from the globe are brought to this region fresher and faster. Our mission is to capture these trends as they are happening in the West and bring them straight off international catwalks to fashionistas in Dubai. The store caters to women who wish to remain at the forefront of style, elegance and uniqueness and who embrace their feminity and self-expression. Whether its a perfect formal gown or a fashionable piece for every-day-wear, the Valley has an outfit for every occasion – each individual piece with a tag of exclusivity.

The design of the store, an inspiration and creation of renowned interior designer Eiko Fujita-Summers, itself represents the creativity and flair of the clothes displayed within.

The theme centres around the Marionette in a surreal, theatre-like setting, with drapes and exaggerated tables and chairs hanging from the ceiling and makes the shopping experience truly ‘magical’. The fashion theatre with its visually stimulating environment transports the shopper into a fantasy world. It invites her to take centre stage, ‘get dolled up’ and dress herself in a garment that expresses her unique fashion style and sensibility.

With an in-store fashion stylist and sales staff with experience in fashion design, Valleydez is equipped to help shoppers find the perfect outfit, accessories and look they desire.

“Our goal is for Valleydez to be the fashion trend-setter in Dubai”, concludes Richa on a high note.



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